Changing your Eye Color: Iris Color Facts

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Color of the Iris

The iris is usually strongly pigmented, with colors ranging from brown to green, blue, gray, and hazel. Occasionally its color is due to lack of pigmentation, as in the pinkish-white of oculo-cutaneous albinism, or to obscuration of its pigment by blood vessels, as in the red of an abnormally vascularised iris (although human albinos generally have very light blue eyes, as the un-pigmented color of the human iris is a pale blue). Read the rest of this entry »

Facts About Eye Color

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No two people possess identical eye colors, so your eyes are as unique as an artist easel. Simply stated, our eye color is dependant upon genes that we inherit from our parents. Iris color is a highly complex phenomenon and it created from several variables, such as texture, pigmentation, fibrous tissue and blood vessels within the iris stroma, these effects work together to make up a person’s eye color. Read the rest of this entry »

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