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Many people receive a rude awakening after buying their first siberian husky dog. They look so cute as puppies … and the thought of owning a husky has a kind of magic charm to it. But it isn’t long before they discover that siberian huskies can be the most unreasonable, stubborn and embarrassing pets to own.

So how do you get them to behave? In this article, we will look at some of the most frequently asked questions about siberian husky behaviour.

How do I get my dog to respect my commands?

You cannot force a siberian husky to do anything. You must manipulate them so that they perceive you as more important than themselves and see you as their leader, without them even realizing it. It must become instinctive for your dog to want to obey you, not a choice. Your dog must see you as the dominant one, but under conditions of trust, not oppression.

So where is the best place to start?

From the very beginning, you should teach your puppy his name. We pay attention when we hear our name, so this is important. Every instruction you give it should include his name in the command.

What are some practical ways I can use to let him know who’s boss?

Remember, you need to be subtle about it. Make sure that your dog becomes used to having your hands around his food bowl. This is the source of his nourishment and he must learn where it comes from. Start the process by adding a few tasty treats while he is eating, but move to the point where you can remove his bowl while he is eating in order to add those treats.

Whenever you play with your dog using an object, make sure you end up in possession of it. Another thing which is paramount to a dog is what is called “rite of passage”. So make sure you go through doors and passageways before your him. If your dog is blocking your path, make him move out of the way and don’t go around him. He must not perceive that he is your equal.

How can I get my siberian husky to trust me?

While you are doing all the above, remember to show him affection. It’s not just about speaking harshly so he fears you. He must know you care. Dogs like to have their ears rubbed. Gently put him on his side or back and massage him by touching his ears, paws and so forth in a way that he enjoys.

How do I stop him wanting to escape when I take my dog for a walk?

A good idea is to use a dog harness instead of a collar. You have to understand how a dog thinks – and one thing they all have in common is that they understand the throat and jugular as being first objects of attack. So if you are trying to train your siberian husky by tugging at its neck, he will be too preoccupied with a sense of alarm and danger to be thinking about lovingly and trustingly obeying you.

There are many other strategies for siberian husky training, but the above are some good starting points for getting an otherwise independent and strong willed dog to be your best friend. Remember these two important words – trust and security. They mean a lot to your dog and should mean the same to you.

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