Siberian husky puppy training

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My 10 week old siberian husky pup

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  1. ryansjones Says:

    Yeah, next time I get a dog I will probably get a husky, though currently I don’t have the money for one.

  2. tokayhigh13 Says:

    nice name 😀 storm 😀

  3. nickierainbow Says:

    Aww I love huskies ^^
    (Storm, down… Storm, down… xDDD! )

  4. sarahcarrington1 Says:

    Gorgeous dog, i have a german shephard he’s six months old…so far i’ve taught him to come and sit and lie down. 🙂

  5. SuperMightywhite Says:

    You should only give a command twice max, otherwise the dog learns he doesn’t have to respond straight away and becomes ignorant to it. Beautiful husky 🙂

  6. JoeFfan Says:

    ur pup is beautiful and you have picked a great name for him Storm goes great with his colour fur 😀

  7. AbsoIuteMusic Says:

    you sound jewish.

  8. WRITEfluidity Says:

    @Zula59 I’m very looking forward to adding this addiction to our family. We found one 3 hours away, 7 weeks old, pure white with light blue eyes. We had a white german shepherd, my childhood dog, and had to put her down:( We saw these dogs, and found they hardly bark, but more of a howel, which is cute. After a bit of reasearch, I found that they’re easy to train, but you must show them you’re the alpha. Any tips to training it once we get it? Any things we should look out for?

  9. 13oclover13 Says:

    @Zula59 I just bought a siberian husky pup for 600 with papers and everything, the price range is not 900-1000 its 400-1000.

  10. RBLXBurntoast78 Says:

    I wish i can get them but i live in an apartment D:

  11. Zula59 Says:

    @jonel55 Ermm i got him at a good price i payed 700 and it came with papers n etc.
    Usually there like 900-1000 though, to get them at like 8 weeks.

  12. jibznotjobs Says:

    Awesome, great job, i know how hard it is to train a young husky pup.

  13. counterafk Says:

    theese dogs need much motion, huh? 🙂

  14. Dliciousz Says:

    AAH SOO cuteeeee!!!<3

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