Siberian Husky Brothers Playing

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Like the huskies on Facebook! The link from the song was taken from MySpace but has since been taken down. 8 Week old Siberian Huskies playing with each other! The black husky is named Senka. (Means “Shadow” in Macedonian) The white husky is named Zima. (Means “Winter” in Russian/Macedonian) That is our first day with them. They were born April 30, 2007. They are purebred, and are very curious. I will continue to post more videos as they grow and change their physical appearance. Huskies are very playful, friendly, and energetic and want companionship. They rarely bark and make unique sounds such as woo woo or yelping, and best of all, howling. Here is information on the history of the Siberian Husky; A variety of primitive paleo-Asiatic tribes have been present in Siberia for half-a-million years, during the time when the vast North was a warmer and more hospitable hunting ground. These tribes continued to live much as they had during the Stone Age. Each group relied on dogs as helpers, and each developed a specific type, based upon such factors as hunting requirements and snow cover, terrain and temperature. The Chukchi tribe, often referred to as the “Dog Breeding” Chukchi, was based along the coasts of the Arctic and Pacific Oceans on the peninsula that reaches out from Siberia toward Alaska. When a harsh cold settled into the area about 3000 years ago, the Chukchi people adapted by creating a culture based on the longdistance sled dog. The tribe
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16 Responses to “Siberian Husky Brothers Playing”

  1. andyrooney11 Says:

    This video just epitomizes the word “ADORABLE”!

  2. mrsszmanda07 Says:

    I cried from the CUTENESS! <3

  3. PlantsVsZombiesz Says:

    the eyes are cool

  4. PlantsVsZombiesz Says:

    yin yang twins ^^

  5. malihamocha Says:

    WTF is up with that song…lol

  6. TheZollyz Says:

    This video and you usename makes me laugh 😀

  7. gagalove23 Says:

    I WANT A SIBERIAN HUSKY!!!!!!! (; they are sooo freakin cutee!! 😀 mail them to me ;D pleze?? 😛

  8. bhrian11 Says:

    whats the name of the song? the pupies are cute and the song 😀

  9. 2112Belle Says:

    OMG!! Never seen anything so adorable!!! The white one is awesome!

  10. aoinatafanboy84 Says:

    @AjaxThePikachu they basically ARE lol

  11. TheMercenary1945 Says:

    Two adorable and? beautifuls crustaceans !

  12. SmallPetLover Says:

    are you sure their brothers??
    they dont look like brothers to me… LOL
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  13. darkelve255 Says:

    that is the cuttest thing like my pups

  14. brien1233 Says:

    lol cute

  15. Blackhowlingwolf14 Says:

    i have been wanting a husky forever i liv in florida which will make the poor things suffer but i beleive their the most beautiful dogs in the world……………well exept for my dog of course

  16. psilla16 Says:

    OMFG!!! i want a white husky with blue eyes and i want to name her lola but … i already have 8 dogs and my bf’s sister is getting another 1 tomrrow 🙁 I WANT MY HUSKY!!!!!

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