My Biggest Siberian Husky.

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Bandit is 8 yrs old, he is pure Siberian Husky and he is huge. We love him, he is a big teady bear.

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    Very nice , but with such a slow metabolism be careful as he gets older.
    This is one very playful husky -your lucky. My husky is nearly 13 years old now , and has kept his young looks nicely. Chukha is my first husky . He is one of the catimavik breed u.k.

  2. AkuRoku1 Says:

    He’s cute, but chubby haha. I’m trying to make my husky gain weight.

  3. gqjade02 Says:

    wow.. he’s so fat.. ehehe nice husky.. u can differentiate a husky and malamute by the ears…

  4. romarah Says:

    that looks more like an alaskan malamute..either that or you’re just overfeeding your dog..tut tut..shame on you

  5. GarcBomber20 Says:

    My sibe loves to play the same way, he wants to be chased all the time… I get a kick out of people thinking your sibe is overweight, it’s the fur and males are bigger. Not to mention there are different purebred sizes… How much does he weigh? Ours is that build at 8 months and weighs 50 pounds, hoping he gets to 60 and adds a couple inches full grown…

  6. Velasca Says:

    Nice dog and nice American atmosphere as well. Where is it?

  7. norekos Says:

    Nice husky, look at my video of siberian husky !

  8. Telindra Says:

    I have never in my life seen such a FAT Siberian Husky… wtf… really.. are you doing to your dog/s? Never heard of where Siberian comes from and how to meet the dogs NEEDS? There is no excuse in the world to have a dog become that fat.

  9. leahhaluska Says:

    He is a big one! Kobe my 7 month old Male is almost 50lbs. I hope he gets that big!

  10. ASPAWESOME Says:

    i used to have a husky… sad thing is we had to get rid of her because our family was to busy (school just started) to train her…

  11. huskydje Says:

    this is how i play with my woo’s.. Its so great that huskys are indeed huskys! You know what I mean. I have 5 now. I love them sooooo much. Even though they shed…they talk… they bites… they chase little woodland creatures… I Love em’

  12. qutie63pie Says:

    My Husky may he rest in peace lived to be 13 yrs old and he weighed only 52#. He was an inside dog so I think that was why he was so small.


    what height & weight is he? mine is about 70 pounds and 27-28″. i thought mine was too big but maybe hes just on the larger side.

  14. cjmajorcu Says:

    lol he’s so cute. I bet he would take over the bed 😀

  15. fighterjoe22 Says:

    haha that’s so sweet, it reminds me of how my brother rough houses with my little blue healer. <3

  16. TheAnimos Says:

    my siberian husky is 6 months and 42 Pounds

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