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SAM CHEONG showed off his dogs, as did other dog lovers, at the recent Pet-n-You event, held in Bandar Utama’s Central Park.

SAM CHEONG showed off his dogs, as did other dog lovers, at the recent Pet-n-You event, held in Bandar Utama’s Central Park. QUEENIE the pooch sensed that something was going on as I packed my car with her doggy essentials. My eight-month-old female Siberian Husky pup was wagging her tail when I rigged up a mat in our family compact car.

Our destination — One Utama’s Central Park in Bandar Utama. It was our first outing with Pet-n-You, a company specialising in obedience and agility training for dogs.

Naughty Boy, our older dog, was reluctant to budge, but when Queenie jumped into the backseat, my 1½-year-old male Siberian Husky did not waste a second.

My wife Michelle did some last-minute check on the doors and gate before we pushed off. Our plan was to meet up with fellow Husky owners Deby Chor and Andrew Fong.


THE HUSKY GANG: Siberian Husky owners unite at the doggy gathering.

I met Deby last year at a similar event at Central Park in One Utama and became friends with her and Andrew, her fiancee.

They have two female Huskies — Kosmos and Chaos — and our plan was to hook up with other Siberian Husky owners whom we constantly kept in touch with on a web board owned by Deby.

It was a smooth Sunday ride from our home in Subang Jaya and when we entered the New Klang Valley Expressway, Michelle suggested a pit stop at the petrol station so that she could pick up some fast food for breakfast.

Our dogs, especially Queenie, was very excited with the short drive to Bandar Utama. When we parked, some passing motorists noticed two strange-looking dogs peering through the vehicle’s window and waved at them.

After picking up some warm food, we shot off to the Damansara exit and paid RM1 for toll. When I drew down the car’s power window, the toll booth operator was smiling.

“Eh bang, banyak anjing!” (hey brother, that’s a lot of dogs you have there),” he asked. “Eh, takda lah, kita nak pergi ke pesta anjing kat Bandar Utama (no-lah, we are heading to a doggy event at Bandar Utama),” I responded.

When we finally got there, the atmosphere was a-buzz with lively activities. I could hear the event announcer’s voice echoing around the park. Our dogs were dragging away, and Michelle soon found a spot to anchor them.

Well, when it comes to finding a parking lot, I was very lucky. A fellow dog owner who saw me offered her space.

On leaving the car, I went to Michelle who was busy cleaning doggy poop. Apparently, our boy had to go and step on his poo in the process.

Trying to maintain grace under pressure, my wife worked on wiping off the pooch excrement from her leg and asked me to clean Naughty-boy’s paws which were soiled with his own droppings. Believe it or not, when you attend big events like Pet-n-You’s agility competition, the least you could do is to help clean up.

The spot that we found wasn’t that suitable. So Michelle suggested an old spot where we always hang out. It’s at the far end of the park with a nice tree-line. I remember a couple of young trees in that area where we could anchor our dogs.

“I take the girl for a walk. You man the camp okay?” said my wife, as she slowly made her way to the main event area with our pup.

I sat on a ground-sheet, happily munching away my breakfast when this lady walked past and said: “Eh mister, why you tie your dog to a tree? Let him run-lah!”.

I politely told her that my dog is not the kind of breed that will happily move around without a leash and explained to her that all dogs mush be leashed all the time.

She smiled and made her way across the park. Naughty-boy, being a dominant male, was very restless.

So the natural thing for me to do was to exercise him. Well, I needed some physical activity too, so, off we went. Not too far in the distance, I saw Michelle leading Deby and a friend, James, with his Siberian Husky called Akira. They were making their way to our camp area.

“Hey guys! What took you all so long?,” I asked. “Hey, I got a goodie bag. Why don’t you register the boy?,” my wife responded. I grabbed my pocket camera from her and let my dog lead the way.

It was a hot day and the crowd was concentrated at the main event area which is near the other end of the park’s entrance. There were many small- and medium-breed dog owners, and all I can see was hih-Tzus, Maltese, Chihuahuas, Silky Terriers and miniature Schnauzers hanging around.

The only large-breed dog I saw was a German Sheperd Dog which was anchored to a tree. It was barking at everything that moves.

We made a quick sweep around the main event area, snapped some shots and while I was busy at it, I notice people around me remarking about my strange Wolf-like dog.

Then, as I was making my way back to our encampment, I heard someone calling out my name. It was Miss Poon, an old friend. She was hanging out with a group of friends and her miniature Schnauzer.

“Hey Sam, where’s your wife?” she asked. I told her that Michelle and the rest of the Husky gang were lounging around at the far end of the park. Briefly, after exchanging some greetings, I made my way back.

Deby and her two obedient pooches were hanging out, while Andrew sat in the background, watching what was going on at the event area. We caught up for lost time and talked about our dogs.

Meanwhile, some action was taking place at the agility and doggy contests. I took Naughty-boy to check out what was going on and as we made our way to the competition ground, a Chihuahua escaped while it was being paraded for the “most beautiful dog” contest.

Thankfully, a kind lady caught it and handed it back to the owner.

Deby told me that her dogs Kosmos and Chaos will be featured in a winter wear fashion shoot where both pooches will be paid a handsome fee for their short appearance.

Michelle and I were enthralled with the prospect. With the day fading away fast, we decided that it was best to pack up and head home. After all, the blazing afternoon sun was knocking out our dogs who were seen panting away with their tongues sticking out.

The Pet-n-You event went on till late in the afternoon, but it was simply too much for our temperate breeds.

Before we parted ways, Deby and I agreed to turn up at the up-and-coming Dog Olympic which will be held at the same venue on May 27.

So, if you want to get up close and personal with a pack of Siberian Huskies, this will be the place.

More details can be found at www.mypethuskyclub.com

Source: The New Straits Times Press

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