Dog Beds: Choosing the Right One for your Dog

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Selecting the right dog bed is important because it is where your dog calls home. Your favorite pet will spend a great deal of time sleeping, relaxing and resting in his dog bed so finding one that suits him well will help to make him more comfortable in his new home.

Some owners already have an idea of what they are looking for in a dog bed, but other owners are unsure of even where to begin looking for one. While it may seem as easy as just going to a local store and selecting a bed, there are actually a large variety to consider, and with this comes a variety of different factors to take into consideration before purchasing a bed.
Pet Size
There are a large variety of dog breeds from very small to extra large and with this comes a wide variety of different dog bed sizes available. One of the most important factors to consider when selecting one is the size of your dog. Although you might simply think a small dog will need a small bed and a large dog will need a larger one, it isn’t always this simple. Remember that if you are looking at the same bed in two different sizes, it is quite possible that the larger bed will cost a substantial amount more than the smaller bed, simply because it costs more for the extra materials.
Often small dogs like to feel snuggly and warm while large dogs will most likely want to stretch out. With this in mind small dogs often feel most comfortable in a bed with bumpers that they can snuggle up against at night. On the other hand, large dogs would be extremely uncomfortable in a bed with borders and will instead be most comfortable on a flat feather pillow bed.
Pet Health
Orthopedic dog beds are available that add extra support for older pets or pets with joint injuries, such as hip problems, disc problems, knee problems or are just old and have trouble getting around. Most orthopedic beds are made from similar materials as human orthopedic beds, with high-density foam that allows for extra support on the joints and makes it much easier to go from sitting to standing.
Remember that because you will be paying for extra padding and extra support, the cost of an orthopedic bed is likely to be substantially more expensive than a regular dog bed. As well, you may have to special order an orthopedic bed from the pet store or through your local vet.
Choice of Fabric
Believe it or not, dog beds are available in canvas, denim, fleece, cotton, suede and even upholstery material. Your choice of fabric will be dependent on the type of dog you own and the climate you live in. For dog owners with a long-haired dog or an outdoor dog like a Siberian Husky, you will want to select a cool cotton or canvas, so they won’t overheat while staying inside the house.
For owners of small or short haired dogs that might get cold more easily, you should look towards a warmer material that will help keep them warm year round. A great choice for these dogs would be a fleece, suede or even couch like upholstery material.
You may also want to consider a bed cover that is machine washable, especially if you have a dog that sheds a great deal or that gets dirty easily. You may also want to consider a fabric that can be washed easily without fading or shrinking.
Location of the Bed
Where you plan on placing the dog bed in your home is probably the most important factor when selecting one. Consider whether the dog likes to sleep in the owner’s bedroom, in a spare bedroom, in a crate in the kitchen or in the living room. Remember to select a location that is large enough for the dog’s bed, but that will also make them feel safe at night.
Although it may seem silly, you will also want to consider the location of a bed so that you can purchase one that matches your interior decorating. Purchasing a red dog bed and putting it in a green and black room might be a bit of an eyesore. Find something that blends in well, if at all possible.
Keep in mind that if you will have a dog that will be crated at nighttime, there are specific crate beds, which are long and can easily be placed in the crate to provide your dog with comfort while they sleep at night.
One price does not fit all when it comes to beds for dogs. Similar to human beds, there are a variety of different brands and costs. Believe it or not, there are even designer and luxury dog beds available! These will offer extra cushioning, extra support and extra room. Many of them actually resemble a couch while others look similar to a human bed. Some designer dog beds that are specially ordered will even be personalized with the dog’s name.
Because of the wide range in dog beds, there is a large fluctuation in as well. Owners can select a basic one for around – for a small dog and – for a large dog, all the way up to designer or luxury dog beds that can run as high as 0-0.
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